ACT 3 – 002 (Death)

The disease is not the thing itself

if you want to find the meaning of the disease (the cure)

do not look at its signs

they will point back to the question

that is the disease itself


if you want to know what the disease is

you need to ask

of what is it a sign?


we shared a silence for the longest time.
i realized i had begun to comprehend.
my mind was back in my body.


he pointed a finger to his head

like he was holding a gun


there is a war going on here

with his other hand he hailed the open window

it’s going on out there too

it has spared no one


suddenly he began to scream

why doesn’t anybody FEEL it?!


he looked back at me

there were tears in his eyes

his skin looked much grey-er than it had before


i looked at my hand

it looked like it was made of human skin

with human muscle and human bone underneath it

and maybe a soul


good bye.

he left

a long shadow of the early evening followed behind him.


The eyes of the black coats


through their veils…



ACT 1 002


Act 3 – 001 ( Release )

It felt like the ocean after a storm.

His voice was not the silence but it didn’t break it.

Well, it’s over. 

Now you can think about it and then do whatever you want.

He left.

Maybe it was like one cast away breaking away from the other after weathering the storm together. But it wasn’t like that.

There had only been the two of us – the ocean and me.

I was washed ashore.

And something told me to get up and run.