Act 0 ( Prologue )

Let me tell you a story.

You needn’t believe it (me).

You could say I made it up.

But I’m (almost) pretty sure I didn’t.

You could say it is the 21st  century Dorian Gray.

Why is this all about You ?

Who are You ? >




There is this film experience called The Raintertainment.

A friend of mine called Idries Dhwazihol saw it on a CAC 60.

Now whether it was the machine or the film or Idries, I don’t know.

But what happened was this –

He became someone else – a character in the film experience called Holiwaidr, I later learned. He said things Holiwaidr would have said and his mannerisms and deeds were Holiwaidr’s, not Idries’s.


What happened to Idries ?

I found him when I watched The Raintertainment on my own machine, a DVZINCH 53.

There he was, in Holiwaidr.

I can’t explain it any other way. He said things Idries would have said and his mannerisms and deeds were Idries’s, not Holiwaidr’s.

The film itself had changed accordingly, almost imperceptibly.


And what happened to me when i saw the film experience?

I don’t know. I wonder if the machine or the film experience have a clue. But here I am, writing these words for You.

< Who are You? 

Where are You with respect to me?

Wherever You are, Whoever You are, You have to know.