Fig Newtons

I have been quitting smoking for quite a while. What I think is, “I am there…not quite there, but basically there…”. It is in quotations because this is from an actual conversation that plays out in my head between two very different people.

Anyway, I want to tell you about something else so I’ll cut this one short – It was late in the evening and there I was, at the cigarette shop smoking my last cigarette. 

It’s strange watching an old person smoke. You think, “hmm…He’s still around…”. 

I had apologized for the big note and as I was waiting for my change when he walked up and slapped an appropriately sized note with some change on the counter -an exact amount for perhaps a days quota of his (our) vice. 

“The days are getting shorter…”, he said. There was a light nip in the air I realised hadn’t noticed earlier.

“No one can truly answer the question – what do you look like? The one true answer is that we are invisible to ourselves. This betrays a great lie!”, he caughed.

“What are you smoking?”, I asked him.

“Fig Newtons”, he said. 


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